Ingenieurbüro, Konstruktionsbüro

Ingenieurdienstleistungen, Ingenieur

Konstruktionsbüro, Maschinenbauingenieur

Maschinenbau, Sondermaschinenbau

Vorrichtungsbau, Montagevorrichtungen

Schweißvorrichtungen, Apparatebau

Entwicklung, Konstruktion, Qualitätssicherung, Controlling, Prozessberatung, Beratung, Fertigung, Planung
ZWEIMOOG Technologie GmbH
Ritterholz 31, 33178 Borchen
Telefon: +49 5251 390730
Mobil:    +49 1577 3861116
Fax:      +49 5251 390727


Do you want to automate your production?
We will develop plants and components for you, which ensure a trouble-free and rapid production process.

Does your development department reach its limit?
We will provide additional momentum by means of new perspectives and creative ideas. 

Do you need support in processing your orders?
We will deliver high-quality constructions, which we will develop independently according to your customers‘ input.

Have you got unsolved problems? – Talk to us!

CAD - tools

As development platform we use SolidWorks und UGS NX7.5.

Let us talk about how to organize the structure and exchange of data in order to receive a sound basis for the integration of our work into your company.

Our passion – your profit! Ingenieurbüro, Konstruktionsbüro, Ingenieurdienstleistungen, Ingenieur, Konstruktionsbüro, Maschinenbauingenieur


ZWEIMOOG Technologie

ZWEIMOOG Technologie GmbH

Ingenieurbüro, Konstruktionsbüro, Ingenieurdienstleistungen, Ingenieur, Konstruktionsbüro, MaschinenbauingenieurNils Moog, Caroline Moog, Caroline BlankPaderborn, Salzkotten, Lippstadt, Delbrück, Gütersloh, Detmold, Bielefeld, Büren, Dortmund, Soest, Warburg, Borchen, NRW